Thursday, 29 September 2022

PES Artworks Expo!

Rm 24 really enjoyed looking at all the amazing artwork displayed in the hall as part of our Inquiry for this term. We recognised some different styles of art such as photography, digital prints, clay, masks, self portraits. Plus we had our very own plasiticine bead necklaces displayed on the light board! Well done for all your hard mahi everyone!

Monday, 8 August 2022

Our trip to MOTAT!

In Term 2 Rm 24 travelled by bus to MOTAT with Team 2. We were so excited to see the old things and new technology and exploring the big buildings together. We found pulleys that moved up and down and also rode on the tram. Damon taught us how to program the mini robots using coding on an iPad. We learnt how to move them forwards and backwards and move the cardbaord tubes... What did you like the best?

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Body Power!

Mrs Park taught us about all the different organs we have inside our body an what they are used for. Joraier held a piece of string to show how long our intestines are! It is important to keep our bodies healthy so that our organs can function properly. Our brain needs oxygen, our heart pumps around the blood, our liver and kidneys help our bodies get rid of unwanted toxins and our insestines help us to digest our food. We helped put the stars on the roof inside the caravan,looked at a real life x-ray of a human body and said "ka kite" to Harold until next time...Thank you so much to Life Education.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Life Education with our friend Harold.

Rm 24 enjoyed learning about healthy eating and keeping our bodies active with regular exercise and fitness with Mrs Park and help from Harold the giraffe. We learnt how to complete teh basic needs puzzle and also what foods we need for a balanced diet. We had fun learning a new dance and watching the lights change colour and seeing the stars on the roof of the caravan!

Friday, 8 July 2022

Soccer skills

Rm 24 have been learning how to use their feet to pass a ball, dribble, score a goal and work as a team. Thank you to Coach Chelsea and Coach Trey for teaching us all these new skills and techniques to help us keep fit and active. The way the children learnt to play this sport over a period of 8 weeks is a great credit to them. They practiced under Te Kapua using colured bands and then moved to the fiels wearing coloured bibs. Each child listened to instructions and followed the rules of the game football also known as soccer.

MOTAT trip!

On Thursday 30th June Team 2 travelled by bus to vist the Museum of Transport and Technology in West Auckland. We learnt about how old telephones worked and that people used morse code to communicate. We were very excited to have a ride on the tram past Western Springs lake! There were lots of pulleys and levers and things that move using engines such as old cars. We also learnt about new technology by learning how to program mini robots to move some cardboard tubes around on the floor using different directions. Thank you to Damon for teaching us these new skills, from Mrs Carter and Rm 24.