Monday, 22 June 2020

Our new "Online Maths lesson" created by two University students!

Last week we were introduced to 4 Auckland University students who are required to develop a Maths related digital tool for our Year 2 learners to be able to access using their iPads. So Michaela and Alie made a video for the learners to watch all about Rainbow Maths which clearly demonstrates how to learn maths bonds to 10 using a visual rainbow. So, Mrs Carter began the introductory launch and then showed the children the fun and interactive video that their girls had made. All of the children enjoyed watching new children they had never met before and the cameo appearance of the "black cat"! This was a very successful lesson, which had a minor hiccup due to a misunderstanding of the worksheet equations which was quickly resolved from Mrs Carter's explanation. We will be showing evidence of our learning basic facts on our individual blogs by the end of this week. Check out this new Google site:

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