Friday, 22 October 2021

Niuean Language Week

Faakalofa lahi atu! To celebrate the Niuean culture Ms Teleso taught us some new words and greetings in Niuean in our Team assembly. We enjoyed her presentation which taught us about some facts about the Niuean culture. In our afternoon Google Meet we listened to the story about Spotted Butterfly in Niuean and then Jacob made his own butterfly using paper and scissors. How creative!

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Mrs Carter's online learning

Welcome to Wai Wednesday and Team 2's learning is all about water safety and stories about going to the beach! Please find this on our Team 2 site. Remember to write a story using a beginning, middle and an end and share it to your teacher via email or post it on your blog. Some nice pictures or photos would be great too. Don't forget to make a new EE using (Explain Everything) and write a sentence using a capital letter for the first word, someone's name or place and end with a full stop. Have fun everyone! Ka kite ano

Lockdown holidays...

In the October school holidays our Prime Minister Jacinda Adern said we were allowed to go boating again. So Mrs Carter and her family took their boat out into the Hauraki Gulf and went fishing! We left the boat ramp at Half Moon Bay marina at 7.30 am and returned at 3pm in the afternoon. It was such a lovely day out on the ocean, we went to 3 different fishing spots. Her youngest son caught the only legal sized snapper. Everyone else caught under sized fish that had to go back into the moana. It actually felt like we were on holiday! Kapai mahi whanau

Mrs Carter learns a new skill in lockdown...

During the October school holidays Mrs Carter looked up on YouTube "how to make facemasks" and then she got to work on her sewing machine. So now she has some masks to wear outside to keep her safe during lockdown.

Friday, 1 October 2021

Fun Friday!

On the last day of Term 3, all the Team 2 teachers dressed up to surprise the children! Mrs Carter was Marshmallow fairy and we played some fun games together such as "The Magic Blanket" and guess the lollies in the jar. Congratulations to all the prize winners for doing their best online learning throighout this lockdown, attending Google Meets and blogging their work! We hope you have a safe holiday break with your family. Remember to be kind and be a great helper around the house. Take care and stay in your Bubbles...