Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Rm 24 Google Meet

This week we are meeting with our own classes at 2 o'clock in the afternoon as our morning Team 2 Google Meets were getting busy and now everyone can have a turn to talk when they raise their hand and use GM4GM! Well done everyone for sharing. Mrs Carter loves seeing your happy smiley faces everyday while we are all staying safe in our Bubbles at home...

Monday, 30 August 2021

Arm extension!

Have you ever wished that your arm was longer and stronger? Well now you can make your own arm extension using some card or paper and wooden skewers. See if you can make one of these at home with the help of an adult? Mrs Carter had fun with this one as she is vertically challenged! Check out "Nanogirls" other throwing machines on her website:

Catapult City!

Have a look in your kitchen for a wooden spoon and some other bits and pieces from around your house...then make your own catapult from the lever to project your ball, ready, aim, fire! Learn about the effects of a see-saw from "Nanogirl" on her website:

Create a tune!

Can you make a pretend guitar using an old tissue box? Join Mrs Carter as she shows you how and you can learn about different sounds and tensions that elastic bands make! Thanks to "Nanogirl" for this clever musical idea.

Hoop throw game!

Mrs Carter made this game from Nanogirl's Hoop throwing video! How are your accuracy skills when it comes to throwing from a distance? Check out some more ideas on her website:

Making music!

Why don't you try doing one of Mrs Carter's Creative Crafts during lockdown at home with your Mum, Dad, big brother or sister's help? I would love to hear the tunes you have made! Check out some other supercool science ideas from "Nanogirl" on her website...

New faces join our Google Meet!

It was so nice to see new children joining in our Team 2 Google Meets on Friday afternoon! Remember to use "Good Manners for Google Meets". Thank you to Miss West and Mrs Fester for joining us too. Remember to keep your iPads in a safe place and charge them up at night while you are sleeping. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe everyone, from Mrs Carter.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Team 2 Google Meet

This afternoon I popped in to say "hi" to some new children who have joined our GM4GM as they have now got their school iPads at home! Remember to use "Kawa of Care" everyone and stay safe from Mrs Carter.

Smoothie Time!

Mrs Carter likes to drink a healthy smoothie for her breakfast during lockdown. We asked some Team 2 children what do you eat for breakfast at our Google Meet. Some answers were; weetbix, cornflakes, scrambled eggs, cocoa pops, toast and milo!

Monday, 23 August 2021

Monday morning Meet!

It was so lovely to see lots of Team 2 smiley faces and hear what learning you have been doing from home. Keep up the great work everyone from Mrs Carter.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Level 4 lockdown!

Team 2 have enjoyed meeeting online and practising GM4GM, Google Manners for Google Meets for the end of this week. Everyone has been remembering to keep their microphones on mute until it is their turn to talk and raise their hand if they would like a turn to speak. This afternoon Ms Gaston read a story called "The Very Cranky Bear" and then some people got to share their favourite toy. It is so nice to see you all. We hope you stay safe over the weekend in lockdown at your house. Have a look on our Team 2 site "Our Space" to find new activities to do for your learning at home. Take care from Mrs Carter.

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Life Education with Harold

Rm 24 thoroughly enjoyed their time with Sylvia and Harold in the Life Education Caravan over the past two weeks. We learnt how to make good choices using our brains; to get rid of our "cheeky monkeys" and bring back our "wise owls". There are also some colour posters which we can use to identify our own well being to recognise our own feelings and also when we need help to have healthy relationships with others.

Thermal clothes for winter!

We are so very thankful for the gift of thermal clothes from Stoney Creek and Curate Church which we receieved last month. These will keep us warm and comfortable during these cold winter months. The children from Rm 24 were so happy and delighted with their "present" boxes. Blessings to all those involved including our school support staff who delivered the boxes to us.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021


Rm 24 enjoyed playing the "Ball and Spoon Race" inside the school hall for Kiwisport during Week 3 of Term 3. The idea of the game is to try your best not to drop the ball and then pass the spoon onto the next person. Going forwards looked easy, what about walking backwards?! Great teamwork everyone from Mrs Carter.

Monday, 9 August 2021

Term 3 Inquiry movie

Team 2 tamariki in Friday's Cooking Club have been learning how to cook healthy kai. We have made sweet carrot cupcakes and savoury muffins using vegetables from our garden. A number of students from Rm 24 have also been recognised for bringing fruit in their lunchboxes.