Thursday, 18 February 2021

Duffy Theatre!

On Friday 12th February we were invited to watch the Duffy show in the hall. The performance was about a boy called Duffy who went to stay with his Aunty during the COVID lockdown last year. He loved reading books, but his teachers set lots of hard work for him to do on his iPad and he was finding it hard to get a good Wifi connection. So, he had to take his device with him on the farm, while he was doing chores like milking the cow, collecting eggs from the chickens and then he fell into a big hole and had to get his cousin to help him out. They discovered some very old bones from a Moa bird (which is extinct) and Duffy got new books sent to him so he could continue learning and do his schoolwork online! I really enjoyed the puppets, costumes and sound effects used in this original story... What was the best part of the show that you enjoyed?

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Team 2 Google Meet!

Today, the teachers and some students from Team 2 met together for our first Google Meet as we are all taking part in the Level 3 lockdown as part of everyone's efforts to stay safe in our community. Well done for remembering to raise your hand to speak and turn off your microphone when it's not your turn to speak. Is there anyone that you recognise in this photo? Kapai mahi!

Weetbix Kids Tryathlon!

On Sunday morning Mrs Carter went to help Mrs Lagitupu park the cars of V.I.P's (Very Important People) at Pt England School so they could attend the Weetbix Kids Tryathon at Pt England reserve. There were about 3000 children in total from all over East Auckland and 21 students from PES also took part with the help of Miss Va'afusuaga and Ms Gaston supported them from start to finish!Each child received a t-shirt, a medal and free weetbix for breakfast. Mrs Carter got to meet 4 All Blacks, so she was very happy too!

Welcome back... to being in Year 2 for 2021!

Hi Rm 24, welcome to "Our Space" for Team 2 where Mrs Carter will be your main teacher, but you may also be taught by Ms Gaston, Miss Davis or Ms Teleso. We start each day with our Team 2 assembly altogether on the mat and then move to our own classrooms to mark the roll. Mrs Carter really likes taking ENGAGE games, so I hope you like playing games with your friends too? This term we are focusing on "Cherish our Treaures" or Tiaki Taonga. We will be learning about who is in your family/whanau and what we need to look after in our environment.
Special thanks to Mr Jacobsen for creating this wonderful poster!