Monday, 6 April 2020

Keeping active in the lockdown!

Mrs Carter and her whanau have been busy keeping fit doing daily exercise together by walking or bike riding around our block and to the local park during the lockdown period. It has been lovely seeing the leaves on the trees change colour, now that it is Autumn. What are you doing to keep healthy and fit in your household?


  1. Hi Miss Carter, its me Finau and I just want to say how amazing you are staying fit during lock down. What even more cooler is that you are walking and riding bikes with your family. I play outside with my siblings. We play touch, tag, races and much more. I hope you are safe during the lock down and the holidays.

    From Finau

  2. Hi Mrs Carter,
    I agree with Finau, yes I like your reminder for everyone to stay fit! and you are doing this with your family! Looks like you are enjoying yourself :)