Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The Quickest Beginning Tale

Room 24 is excited to share our movie with you. When it first came out, back in 1984, it was called the Never Ending Story and was a big hit because of all the new green screen effects. Since then, technology has come a long way. So we had to get used to a tiny script, and cut a long movie into a mini version of the original.


  1. Hi Room 24. I really liked your movie. I think you have done a great job making the story into a mini version of the original. You had some creative ideas and I thought the beginning set the scene really well. Great job.

  2. Talofa Lava Room 24,
    Amazing acting skills, and great song! I also loved all of your cool outfits. Keep up the great work!

    Year 7
    Pt England School

  3. Talofa Lava Room 24
    what great dancing and also what great song to dance too I also love you outfits too From Rozaidah

  4. Hi Room 24, I really loved your acting skills! It's really good, like it's better then better! I don't know the story so I was really confused, but good job on making it into a mini version.
    I would definitely run if I saw a flying rabbit. I wouldn't hide in a bin though. But how long did it take to learn the dialogue/script. It seems like it only took 10 minutes! It's that good!

    Good Job Guys!

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  6. Hi room 24 your movie was incredible with the costumes, how did you get the gallery at the back of them? I hope you guys do that again, sincerely from Vika Funaki.

  7. Kia ora Room 24,

    We love the way you made your own props and masks! Ponyamon thinks your backgrounds are really cool. John says Toran looks cute with Ruby. Leni liked when Ruby flew in the sky. Paege likes your fishies in the water. Angel thinks your costumes are cool. Masen likes Junior's beard. Maria likes when the boys hide in the garbage bin. Ms Gaston thinks you all did an amazing job!

    Well done, Room 24.
    From, Room 27.